Outlier Lifestyle Weekly Challenge #5

Let us remember…when we were all together, united by a good and kind feeling which made us…better perhaps than we are. – Doestoevsky


An Outlier knows when the prose of life demands punctuation.

How often do we intentionally reflect on moments with proper consideration? The short answer: not enough. In his Meditations, Marcus Aurelius (according to one historian, responsible for the most defined period of prosperity and human happiness in modern history – the Pax Romana) reflected that “nowhere is more peaceful – more free of interruptions – than your own soul.” Perhaps, he had a few things squared away on both personal and political fronts. Who seeks more prosperity, more happiness (purpose)?

Every day this week, we ask you to spend a few silent and mindful minutes gazing into your own soul. Meditative moments deliver a dyadic punch, knocking us soundly into better physical and psychological states. A cascade of benefits await – 76 Scientific Benefits of Meditation.

Need guidance? We suggest downloading the HeadSpace app (it’s free in the App Store/Google Play world). Andy Puddiecombe, cofounder of the company, lends the soothing timbre of his British accent to every guided exercise. It’s a wonderful place to begin learning how to observe your thoughts. If you’re a Sam Harris fan, he provides some basic guidelines here too.

As En Vogue, known for their prophetic lyrics, said…Free your mind and the rest will follow.