Outlier Lifestyle Weekly Challenge #3

A different sort of uncomfortable this week, ya masochists!

Week 2: Get Uncomfortable

An Outlier is confident because of their ability to bear hardship; leisured because of their toughness.

Past communications foretold of sacrifices awaiting us all. Let’s cut to the chase. In a variety of ways, this week’s Outlier Lifestyle Challenge asks you to choose hardship. Seneca wrote much clearer on the idea in his Moral Letter to Lucilius. Each of us confronts fate with the chance of achievement when faced with challenge. To earn your bonus points this week, choose and complete any 2 hardship tasks from the following list:

  1. Complete a 24 hour food fast (and receive your normal points too). Why? Read study #1, study #2, andĀ study #3.
  2. Every day, finish your shower with 30 seconds of cold water. Remember, Wim Hoff? Read THIS.
  3. Strike up a legitimate conversation with a stranger. Need direction? Dig into The Art of Ordinary Conversation. Need examples? Invite them to the gym, ask for a 10% discount on your coffee, tell them a joke, etc.
  4. Run a cold day 5k.
  5. Don’t use your dishwasher all week.

Truly, the ideas behind the challenge are more important than the challenges themselves. Control your perceptions. Direct your actions. Properly face hardship. After all, most of us live a #10exlife in theĀ VOLUNTEER state.