Melissa Lawson – Morristown’s 2018 Outlier Lifestyle Challenge Winner

I like the person I see in the mirror..she’s a lot happier. – ML

Like all Outlier Lifestyle Challenges, the 2018 version presented a dynamic array of tests – nutrition, movement, recovery, community and reflection. Melissa met each challenge with her trademark smile and a steady resolve to grow. This year, we measured success along a spectrum of ‘metrics’ (4 varied markers of fitness, daily/weekly challenges and body composition measurements). In the most balanced fashion, Melissa showed substantial improvements across each.

Here’s what our 10ex Coaches have to say about Melissa…

  • Not once have I seen Melissa enter the halls of the gym with a closed mind. Always smiling, always eager to receive the next cue and continually growing in the ways of a true Outlier. Her journey is inspiring and I am proud to have her In the 10ex family as a torch bearer!
  • From a coaching vantage, Melissa is a reminder of the Outlier ideal. She’s warm. She’s curious.  And her attitude is infallibly positive. She works both hard and intelligently. Truly, she’s uncommon among the uncommon. Plus, she’s a Star Wars fan and we all know what that means – #jedi
  • Melissa is the true definition of what we look for in the Outlier community. She has worked phenomenally hard, lead by example and has really shown what it means to prevail. She is a pleasure to have in class and is a valued asset of our facility.
  • From the time she started, I could tell Melisa was an extremely hard worker. She comes to the gym every chance she gets and puts in work when she is here. She is always on time. She approaches every workout with a positive, “can-do” attitude. She is super respectful of all coaches throughout the entire class. She receives coaching really well and works to be better than the day before. It is an honor to help her through her journey.
  • I haven’t worked with Melissa as much as others have, but I know from our few experiences that she is willing to listen, learn, and works very hard (as evidenced from her results)!

The OLC is aimed specifically at nudging participants into orienting themselves towards their untapped potential, their ‘ideal.’ One of this year’s tasks required participants to put thought to words in long-hand responses to a few writing prompts. Melissa’s words give clearer shape to what it means to invest some time on ourselves.

“You made yourself important…you made yourself better so you have a better you to give the ones you love…You have proven to yourself that you can be as strong on the inside as you want to be on the outside…We have mountains to climb!”

Cheers to you and your journey, Melissa! You’re an inspiration.

-10 Experience