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My experience has been wonderful. The coaches are amazing. They accept you for what you are, meet you where you’re at, and inspire you to be your best. Justin, Galen, Marty, and Steve lead by example. They are not only exceptional at the sport of CrossFit, they excel at teaching it to participants of all fitness and skill levels. Their attention to detail makes members feel empowered and safe. The coaches provide individualized instruction and coaching based on needs, personality, and learning styles. They are very patient and compassionate and their communication and instructional skills are second to none. Justin, Galen, Marty, and Steve are gifted in the art of reading people and knowing what they need (when to push you, when to pull in the reins a bit). They have a very well-designed and carefully planned program that includes many aspects of the sport and mobility is emphasized. They make fitness fun.

It goes beyond fitness, sometimes our biggest battles are in our heads. A huge part of what they have done for me is helping me overcome fears, destroy self-imposed limitations, and conquer negative thoughts. The coaches are great at working around injury/illness and view obstacles as opportunities for growth. This is a community, a family — it is so much more than an exercise program. Some of the benefits I’ve seen have been increased physical health, improved nutrition, better sleep, overcoming fears, and increased confidence. I have learned to trust not only in my coaches but also in myself.

423 really is for everyone. If you are an elite athlete, you will be amazed at how much better you will get. If you are a beginner, don’t fear! You just have to be willing to show up, learn, and trust the process. You will surprise yourself. Sometimes being strong doesn’t mean lifting the most weight or running the fastest. Sometimes being strong comes from overcoming obstacles, fighting battles, and proving to yourself that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You are worth it!

Amy Davis

This journey began January 3, 2012. I was almost 300lbs, inflexible, Type 2 diabetic (one injection and 2 other meds) with severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Auto CPAP pressure ran around 15). Thanks to lots of conversations and the urging of Kelly Masengill, we came to talk about trying it. I wasn’t comfortable doing anything. We have a now 10-year-old daughter named Maggie and I wanted to watch her grow up. The path I was on was not a good one. My wife Bonnie said we had to start some type of activity, and she was right!

When we came in that first time at 6am We were tentative at best. We had the beginner workout and started rolling along. I’m pretty sure there weren’t many other times we had been that sore. We returned the next day to see if they could tell us something that would help us be able to move. Enter Mobility! The best thing since night baseball. Our journey had begun!

Our third month was the open! We made it through. We continued to get better and better. At this point, we are all significantly stronger and thinner. We still can’t do everything but our maximums have risen and our times have gone down. The most important thing is we are healthier! My medication consumption is down to two pills a day. CPAP pressure is down to 9-10. My weight is down 50lbs, two shirt sizes, and three pant sizes. Previous constant knee and elbow pain have vanished as well. I can keep up with my 10-year-old and that is cool! I’m definitely not there yet but getting better steadily. We all are getting better day-by-day. This has been an incredible journey with a crew of great people trying to get better too. The people are the best part. You all battle together pulling for each other. You battle the WOD and yourself and build an incredible bond. That is what it is all about.

I want to thank all our coaches who not only teach, they CARE! We have a very tight-knit group at 6am.

Bob Vick

Watch the video to learn more about Cindy and her success.

Cindy Timp

I started CrossFit training with Justin about four years ago, and it has been a game changer on many levels. I’m stronger, faster, more flexible, sleep better, leaner, less prone to injury and just plain happier. Importantly too, special bonds within the CrossFit community have been forged along my journey. For me, the only downside of CrossFit (and a modified diet) was that I had to replace most of my clothes with smaller sizes:).

Kevin C.

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