Tonya (left) and Dawn (right), besties, finished Bristol’s Outlier Lifestyle Challenge in 1st and 2nd overall!

Like all Outlier Lifestyle Challenges, the 2018 version presented a dynamic array of tests – nutrition, movement, recovery, community and reflection. This year, we measured success along with a spectrum of ‘metrics’ (4 varied markers of fitness, daily/weekly challenges and body composition measurements). Tonya excelled at all measures and reaped the rewards. She PR’d all her tests, lost 11.8lbs, 6+ inches and logged the highest point total by a comfortable margin.

Here’s what our 10EX Coaches have to say about Tonya…

  • We’re so happy that Tonya took the initiative to better her life and those around her as well with this year’s OLC. Let her be an example of what hard work and perseverance can do. By around 3 weeks in, Tonya’s choices were starting to show aesthetically. By the end, she looked like a whole new person. Cheers to you, Tonya. You make our community stronger with your presence. Thank you for showing up consistently with a smiling face and a willingness to work. Tonya is a great example of our community of Outliers.


  • Tonya is the humble and quiet person in the back with her nose down doing work, stopping every so often to give a joyous smile. Tonya, you are an example we can all follow.
  • Where you see one, you will see both (Tonya and Dawn). Both smiling and working hard.
  • She comes in and works hard. Nothing else. Happy for both of these great ladies.

The OLC is aimed specifically at nudging participants into orienting themselves towards their untapped potential, their ‘ideal.’ One of this year’s tasks required participants to put thought to words in long-hand responses to a few writing prompts. Tonya’s words give clearer shape to what it means to invest some time on ourselves:

“You did it and kept it going…You are a role model for your students and your boys…you are stronger both mentally and physically…Hopefully, I’ve inspired someone along the way.”

Cheers to you and your journey, Tonya! You’re an inspiration.

-10 Experience