Our Story

Galen and Justin hatched the idea for 10Experience (originally 423 Strength & Conditioning) in a cabin during the Fall of 2009. Before the gym was open, we penned the 423 credo. It read:

In today’s society, mediocrity is the norm – blend in, go with the flow, and cruise through life at a comfortable pace. At 423 S&C, this approach is UNACCEPTABLE. What happened to the pursuit of excellence and striving to achieve the highest standards? What happened to real work? “Real work,” as we define it, requires the attitude and ability to persevere through life’s constant challenges. Fitness, as we define it, is constituted by a heightened sense of mental and physical aptitudes. Separated, these traits are normal – combined they are a force to be reckoned with. It is our goal to help the community realize the true fruits of life: health, wellness, and fitness.

Much has changed since the entrepreneurial spirit took hold of us, but much hasn’t. Now more than ever, we believe in the power of community and know our success depends on strong relationships. At 10Experience, those relationships are everything. An old proverb read, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” If we fail to develop and curate lasting relationships, we cease to exist. We believe in mastering the basics. We believe in life-long learning and disseminating knowledge. We believe in the value of time and its investment. Most importantly, we believe in inspiration. We want the atmosphere at 10Experience to be ten times greater than our competitors’. Our staff and facilities will be inspiring. And, as a result, our members will leave inspired.

Our Purpose

To improve life through the means of fitness

Our Mission

To provide wellness-based guidance leading to an inspired life

Our Philosophy

All work is an act of philosophy. Be an OUTLIER.

Most of all, we believe in optimizing our members’ experience here by orchestrating the best hour of their day. This concerto is performed in countless ways, but namely by smiling, being engaged, educating, and by teaching them to move, live and eat better. In a nutshell, all life at 10Experience should be fun!

10 Experience Promo

What is 10 Experience all about?

1. We aim to Educate

Our passion is to create a safe, effective, training environment with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

2. We want to Entertain

We have been helping members of our community improve their lives through effective functional fitness since 2008. Our program prides itself on coaching proper technique on every movement we do.

3. We hope to Inspire

When you join us you are joining a supportive community of diverse members with many different needs all working hard to improve their lives through fitness.